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TTC eyes new Cherry streetcar line to increase King St. transit


By: Zen Ruryk

Take a ride on the Cherry express.

TTC commissioners will be asked at their March 23 meeting to approve a new streetcar line – the 514 Cherry – with an eye to having it up and running on June 19.

The proposed route runs from Cherry to King Sts. and west to Dufferin St. The route ends on Dufferin south of King.

"It's going to provide a lot of capacity right in the core of the downtown," TTC spokesman Brad Ross said Wednesday.

The new route will provide streetcar service every eight to nine minutes during rush-hour periods and at 15-minute intervals during other times of the day.

The additional service would also help ease congestion on the busy King 504 line, according to transit officials.

Ross offered assurances that riders who take the 504 streetcar will see a "discernible" difference if transit commissioners OK the new line.

"The implementation of the 514 Cherry streetcar route would improve streetcar service for approximately 40,000 customers each weekday on the busiest section of King St.," a TTC report to commissioners says. "In addition, it would introduce transit service to the West Don Lands neighbourhood as new development in that area begins occupancy through the spring and summer of 2016."

Transit officials say the cost of running the line would be offset through a reallocation of existing services in the area.